Forest Themes

I have always been attracted (biophilia) to forests. In recent years, the art I make is often about trees. Here is one of my foresty paintings. When I created this, I was thinking a lot about colour and what it can signify biologically. Well, not that I’m a scientist, or know the answers to that, but I do understand light; and colour is light. Most of us know a little about chlorophyll and algae and photosynthesis. As an artist, I see & feel every colour in everything. Snow is full of colour if you really look. So are “green” trees. Next time you look at a tree, look for purple and orange.

Let me know what you see! I’d love to hear about your forest discoveries.

Especially now, during a global pandemic, I hear Mother Earth speaking to us through many elements, like colour, wind, flowers and snow. She lives in the forests where she grows our medicines and food. I know this because I have met her there.

Be kind to yourself by respecting Mother Natures wisdom and fragility. Stay safe today and wash your hands!

I was just advised to add this:
All rights reserved. Image and written word Copyright owned exclusively by the artist, Kats (Kathleen) Klein

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